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Ric shares a very powerful and relevant word at Pinecrest Bible Training Center 40th year anniversary. I encourage all the readers who come here to take the time to listen to this message. Ric deals with the misdirected focus of many in the church of looking for the next revival, move of God, or supernatural manifestation. Ric exhorts us to get back to the basics of the word of God.

True revival through God’s word


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My good friend Ric Vargas and his mission’s minded traveling companion, Lou Pressman, recently returned from a trip to Africa. Ric is a little insecure about his height, thus, is standing on the sign platform 😉 They traveled specifically to Kenya and Burundi. Ric has promised to provide a reflective summary of his time spent there. Just from the initial testimony I have received from him, their time was both fruitful and challenging. I’m also hoping that Lou can provide a summary of things from his perspective as well. Needless to say, many brothers in Christ were refreshed and encouraged in the Lord along the way as their travels took them into several different areas. Lou took some nice photos, I’ll be including more as they forward them to me. I’m including email summaries that I received from them during their travels. This first post will feature photos and testimonies from the Kenyan segment of their trip. (more…)

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