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Well, I’ve decided that my participation in the Todd Bentley saga is over, as far posting any more personally written articles, & commentary on my blog. I had made the decision some time back, however, after this recent news of Bentley was released, I decided to post up a few things related to the matter. I am saddened over this whole thing. I do and have prayed for Todd and his family. God knows that I have feet of clay.

My belief is that it is now incumbent upon those men and women, especially Leaders, within the renewal movement to begin to speak out about these things and clean it up yourselves. For some of you, it may mean having to make a clean break, especially in light of the fact that it appears that from most of the top tier Leaders, it’s going to be business as usual. If they do begin to speak up, I will post their statements up as a broader range of interest.

It does the movement no good when men like Bill Johnson identifies folks who have been sounding the alarm since the beginning of this Lakeland movement as, “Accusers, sharks, shooters, religious, rigid, political, throwing out the baby and operating in a denominationalistic spirit.”

It may help to save their own public image and calcify their own agenda and base. However, as someone looking from the outside in, it really only serves to reinforce the perspective that many of us have that these men are elitist, arrogant snobs. So, Bill, knock it off and just show some humility and grace. An “I’m sorry” would go a long ways.

It appears as though the core foundational belief structure and world view of men like Joyner, Johnson, Ahn, Wagner, et al, is so entrenched, I don’t know that anything in the short term can be done to rectify the situation. They have all clearly demonstrated that they are more interested in saving face and covering their own hind ends, which is sad. That’s exactly how I have taken every single statement from these men since Bentley announced through his Board that he’s stepping down. Here’s continued proof of that reality.

So, with that I’d like to recommend two sites that do an excellent job reporting on items related specifically to Bentley, I’m sure most have already accessed these sites anyway. These two have the most exhaustive coverage of these things as anyone on the net. Here are the links:



The Phoenix Preacher has written some great observations as well. In addition, that site probably has the most active reader participation on the subject.

Feel free to check in from time to time as I will try and address items that are broader in nature and not specifically focused on the recent Todd sightings 🙂



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